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by Agostina Di Domenico February 28, 2019 0 Comments



The days when fashion and comfort were considered opposites are officialy over. Which is good news for fitness enthusiasts, but also for anyone who wants to look cool and feel cozy at the same time.

It all started in 2011, sneakers became popular outside the gym, and could be spotted virtually everywhere (even fashion week!). Celebrities and fashionistas would pair them with dresses, suits and designer jeans, and soon everybody else was doing it. In 2019 the trend has revamped with the return of the dad sneakers. Love it or hate it…

The introduction of sneakers in every day fashion soon lead to another interesting mix and match, the sport-chic. Basically, formal and athletic garments come together to create a fresh, unique look.

Even though there are no rules, a sporty chic look is usually achieved with a single athletic garment and several ‘fancier’ items. Statement pieces and accesories are also crucial to achieve this style.

The best thing about the sporty chic is that you can wear it for any occasion: hitting the gym, dinner dating, even working. This is an all-purpose trend that will help you unleash your creativity. Also, a way to give new life to your athletic items.

The secret is in the balance – you don’t want to go too sporty nor too formal.

If you want to recreate this trend easily, yoga pants and leggins are the weapon of choice. Many people consider leggings the new denim, because they are comfy, flattering and enduring. Other sport-chic basics are sneakers, hoodies and varsity jackets. Combine these basics with every-day fashion accesories (statement bags, sunnies, jewelry, etc.), and your outfit is ready.

Leggins, sneakers and a statement bag: the perfect combo…

…but heels and a sports jacket work too.

You can also go for a more athletic look – one that is suitable for training, while cool and creative at the same time.

Rihanna, out and about in Gucci and Wang.

This is such a perfect airport look.


A curious sporty chic sub-trend is the health goth. Where did it come from? According to rumors, it was created by goth gym goers who’d feel out of place at the gym. I am not a hundred percent sure the legend is true, though.

This is a more alternative look, featuring neutral colors (mostly black), sheer garments, bold make up and pastel hair.

Trends like these are possible because, during the past decade, the design in the sports apparel department has advanced a great deal. Not only are now athletic garments suitable for technical purposes, but also aesthetically pleasing.

There is a philosophy behind this style, summed up by a brand new word: athleisure (athletic + leisure). We want to look good, yes, but we also want to be comfortable.

It all comes down to having a higher quality of life, even when we are not at the gym. In fact, even if we don’t excercise at all.


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Agostina Di Domenico
Psychologyst, fitness instructor and content creator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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