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by Agostina Di Domenico February 28, 2019 0 Comments



We all have many things we want to achieve, or habits we want to include in our daily lives. Often times we have the motivation to go for it, but we can’t seem to get started. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious or just don’t know where to start, keep reading.

Modern life equals small homes, especially in the city. But human beings were born to move, and we need space for our projects. Both physical and mental. However, most of us have to make do with little living spaces. And, on top of that, there’s also the issue of our (frequent) many possessions.

Organization and tidyness may not come naturally to all people…some even swear they function better “in my own mess”. Nonetheless, inhabiting a neat and tidy environment has undeniable pros for everyone: reduces anxiety, saves time, unleashes creativity, enhances productivity. We seldom feel constricted and stressed by factors beyond our control – when clothes, books and all sorts of junk lay scattered across the bedroom, that feeling is deemed to intensify.

So, change into some comfy clothes and let’s create your perfect environment.



Before jumping into  full Mary Kondo mode, take a few minutes to visualize what you need to achieve. What is your daily routine like? Do you work at home? Is there any activity (yoga, embroidery, a business) you would like to start doing at home? A perfect environment is only perfect when it suits your needs. If you’re not spontaneously tidy, or a hardcore minimalist, no worries: you don’t have to be something you’re not. Keeping an organized home does not mean throwing all your stuff away and installing some fairy lights on a bare wall…


Little things you can do in your window sill.


But you will certainly have to get rid of some stuff. When square meters are scarce, some decluttering is in order. Believe it or not, crowded spaces limit the ability to create. No matter how small your apartment may be, there is always room for improvement.

A quick list of the stuff you should get rid off. Firstly, things that you have not used in the past six months or more: it is very unlikely you'll use them again. Then, get rid of things that have been broken/out of order and you have not fixed in the past six months. Why? If you didn't mend it in so long, you probably don't need them at all. Lastly, get rid of objects that bring bad memories: your mental and emotional health will thank you for that.


Now you are ready for some serious relocating.
Move everything that is in the way. Find new places to feature your most prized possessions: family pics, art, favorite books, etc. Keep the items you use frequently at hand (bottom shelves, first drawers…) so you won’t waste time getting them.


Voilá! You now have your very own yoga studio.


Once you create this improved physical space, you will save time. No more leaving for work without breakfast because it took you an hour to dress, apply makeup and pick up your work stuff. Since now you own less things, and said things are in their rightful/strategic places, your morning daily will become easier.
Like I said, I don’t want to get all Kondo here…but owning less stuff saves a lot of time and effort. Less to clean, less to take care of, less to worry about. Food for thought.

Last and not least, if you are planning on working from home or doing that already, try to create a separate work space within your own home. It may be kind of hard to de-stress when the chair where you watch Netflix is the same you use to do your taxes…this is what they call  compartmentalization. Find a chilling spot, like your bedroom, and hold it sacred.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is no small task. Every journey begins with the first step, and why not starting with your “second skin”? Your home is likely to be the place where you spend most of the day, so better to keep it cozy, clear and comfy.


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